[Photo/VCG] ... Suzhou Design Week at a glance. Lekima, the strongest typhoon to hit the Chinese mainland so far this year, wrought havoc in the old area of Linhai, killing four people and leaving three missing. The typhoon is right over Taihu Lake, and is predicted to pass right in between Wuxi and Suzhou. A flag warning about rough seas is pictured next to a beach in Suao, Yilan county, as At least 32 people have died in the tropical storm and over a million have been forced to leave their homes to reach safety. Jiangsu gearing up for flood control in Taihu Lake basin 2020-04-22 14:00. Photo taken on Aug . Suzhou. Top. Leaping ahead in modern Suzhou. Dark clouds gather above the city of Fuzhou in East China's Fujian province on Aug 8, 2019, as Typhoon Lekima approaches. Italian engineer's 30-year love story with a Chinese ship. The storm is expected to hit Zhejiang province head-on by early Saturday morning. Typhoon Lekima. 8 , 2019 shows ships berthed at a harbor in Zhoushan , east China ' s Zhejiang Province , Aug . I'm not sure whether that'd make it more severe or less. China’s National Meteorological Administration forecasts Lekima, which it classifies as a super typhoon, to make landfall in Zhejiang province south … Jiangsu Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Command has raised the emergency response against Typhoon Lekima to Level Ⅲ on August 9, after Jiangsu Meteorological Bureau issued a blue alert at 5:04 pm on August 8. 8 .Provinces on the east coast of China have been busy getting prepared as Lekima , the ninth typhoon of the year , is moving northweastwards toward the mainland . The storm was initially designated a "super typhoon", but … by LimaUniformNovemberAlpha » Sat Aug 10, 2019 5:27 pm . East China’s Jiangsu province will make unremitting efforts to strengthen flood control in the Taihu Lake basin to cope with potential flooding as the rainy season approaches, according to a video meeting held on Monday. Lekima made landfall in the early hours of Saturday in Wenling, between Taiwan and China's financial capital Shanghai. Yang Li, who lives in the old area, said she had stocked up on batteries to charge her mobile phone, along with food and water. The country's southeastern and eastern coastal regions have been gearing up for Typhoon Lekima. ( … Typhoon Lekima strikes the coastal areas of Eastern Zhejiang province, Aug 9, 2019. The Venice of Asia. A powerful typhoon has hit China. With canals everywhere.