Required fields are marked *. Peperomia in traditional medicine to treat a headache, acne, joint pains. 😇😇. Peps don’t really like direct light, they like bright light, but your frosted window should be diffusing it. Peperomia obtusifolia is non-toxic to cats, dogs, and horses. This type of peperomia plant ranges between 5 to 8 inches. I’m so afraid it won’t make it. The baby pep seems to be thriving, going by the flowers and all the new growth. Peperomia Caperata Rosso (Peperomia caperata). However, they are strong and firmly attached. Should I move it out of the window? Also, if you buy peperomias from a garden center in winter, protect them from the cold when you transport them home. To repot your plant, carefully remove it from the container and shake off excess soil. I can’t find anywhere online that’s specifically mentions this type. Here are some of the most popular varieties of peperomia plants (radiator plants). The best way to care for your peperomia is to keep it in a warm environment. The dark green leaves have a crinkled look and grow on bright red stems. Water the soil thoroughly until the water drains out the bottom. The thickness of the leaves is the best way to gauge how much humidity your houseplant needs. Others have deep veins, stripes, variegated blotchy patterns, or plain shiny green colors. Peperomia japonica is a very small peperomia plant growing only a few inches tall. A native of Brazil, they belong to the Piperaceae family. The frequency of watering depends greatly on your room temperature. Peperomia propagation is usually done by stem cuttings or leaf cuttings in springtime or early summer. Peperomia nitida (cupid peperomia) is an ideal specimen for hanging baskets, with heart-shaped leaves edged in cream on trailing stems. First I want to thankyou for all the information you have about pets and indoor plants. : True lilies are toxic to cats. He should perk up soon, sometimes plants get stressed during transit and need a week to acclimate. Have you heard of peperomia columella? They don’t grow very big, so it’s easy to begin collecting a Peperomia Army (you know, for the apocalypse). As with stem cuttings, keep the propagated peperomia warm and moist until new growth starts to appear. Hope peperomias are so cute too! Hi Rachel, honestly it depends which peperomia you have. As long as they have good warmth, humidity and bright light they certainly can! Repotting your peperomia every few years has its advantages if you want to care for them properly. 🙂, Thank you for that!! Pep roundtifolia need to be able to dry out pretty well before getting watered, and when you do water them be sure to give them a good soak and not let them stand in water. If the soil is too wet, it may not bounce back. If it is pushing out growth that quickly, it’s common for older leaves to shed. Misting and keeping up humidity levels is essential when household heating is on. Description Native to South America, the Peperomia puteolata is a perennial plant species found covering forest grounds with its quick spreading nature. Yes, baby rubber plant can be grown in a hanging basket easily. Thanks Julia! Hi there – thanks so much for your info. Let me know if you need more help! The radiator plant is another name for peperomias. They are kept for their wonderful ornamental foliage, which comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. From the more than 1,500 varieties of peperomia, there is definitely a species that suits your home or office. As a rule of thumb, wait until the top 1” – 2” (2.5 – 5 cm) layer of the soil in the container is dry. Make sure that you don’t have them in on a south-facing windowsill. Is this normal for it during the winter months or is there something more I could be do to help bring out the colour? Peperomia Perciliata. The ideal location to place your peperomia is on an east or west-facing windowsill. It does produce lots of young leaves in the lower levels as well. The plant has striking leaves that acts as ideal houseplants and is safe for both cats and dogs. Peperomia metallica var. Additional Common Names: Plantinum Peperomia, Silver Leaf Peperomia, Ivy Leaf Peperomia, Ivy Peperomia. All rights reserved. As long as the varieties require similar moisture levels and sunlight, planting them side by side in the same pot will also help increase humidity. Because peperomias are small, slow-growing houseplants, they don’t need much fertilizer. It may be thirsty, sometimes peppies get shrively if they need water. Growing Tips. Hi, this is a great blog! Platycerium bifurcatum. Here are a few of the most common varieties that can be easily purchased in stores or follow the links to purchase online: I have all of my peps in simple ceramic white pots or small plastic pots. You love your plants. Read more…. Peperomia pellucida has bright green foliage. Radiator plants are excellent for novice and experienced plant lovers as they are easy to grow and prune. Can my Peps survive in the living room? Because these babies are one of the best non-toxic indoor plants. Thank you. The ASPCA and other sources list plants from the Peperomia genus (including Peperomia caperata) as non-toxic to cats and dogs. Peperomias are on the list of easy-to-care-for houseplants. You can also try insecticidal soap to help get rid of mites and mealybugs. Hi Anne-Marie – yes that peppy is non toxic to cats. Peperomia incana is a trailing peperomia with felt-like textured leaves which will also look good in hanging basket. To care properly for your peperomia, you should avoid sudden changes in temperature. Transfer to a small pot containing potting soil. Family: Piperaceae. Peperomia are great but don’t like being too wet or too dry. You can quickly grow more of these delightful houseplants as gifts for family or friends. Japanese aralia is a tropical plant that makes a bold statement in the garden, in outdoor containers or as a houseplant. For this reason, most people keep peperomias as houseplants and don’t grow them outdoors. An alternative method is to put the cutting in a small glass of water. I have a pepporomia for almost a year.It grows beautifully until two days ago.I found two little plants just got broken right down at the base.I left them out in my porch.And I do not know why.Thanks.

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